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Arboricultural reports are not generic, “one-size-fits-all” in their construction; they fulfil different purposes, for example – meeting the requirements of local planning authorities in Bromley, or meeting legal obligations around maintenance of existing tree populations. At W.J. Kent Tree Consultants, we meet all client requirements, staging everything from tree surveys for landowners with expansive grounds, to a single tree inspection / tree safety inspection for a Bromley homeowner.

To better distinguish between the varying services we offer, e.g arboricultural impact assessment vs standard tree surveys, we’ve looked to explain what each involves on the page below. If you’ve stumbled across it while searching for a trusted consultant with an impressive amount of experience, call us at your earliest convenience on 020 8668 8362.

Our Services Explained Tree Survey – As the name might suggest, this is an information-gathering exercise in which our trained consultants examine land to detail the presence of different species of trees. In addition to species and quantity, we note down their height and width, age, life expectancy and the condition of health they’re in. The results of a tree survey are the basis from which we provide tailored advice on management to Bromley clients; obviously, such advice is not legally binding in any way and you can ignore it should you wish to.

Tree Inspection or Tree Safety Inspection – These essentially refer to the same thing: the rigorous examination of a single tree, or crop of trees that are closely spaced. Our consultants look for signs of disease and any potential structural defect that could be posing a risk to people, property, flora and fauna. While reactive tree inspection / tree safety inspection, for example if you spot signs of an ailing tree, is certainly recommended – we also urge Bromley clients to keep in mind their legal responsibility regarding trees on their land, and to also be proactive, getting in arboricultural specialists like W.J. Kent Tree Consultants to regularly check on their populations.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment – Planning to launch a development on land populated, or situated close by trees? An Arboricultural Impact Assessment will likely be required before you receive planning permission from Bromley’s planning authority. But even if you have the go-ahead, it’s important to understand how trees will be affected by the works. An Arboricultural Impact Assessment goes into detail, considering all aspects of the proposed development.

Arboricultural Method Statement – These arboricultural reports following on from Arboricultural Impact Assessments, and provide detailed recommendations that show how developments can avoid damaging protected trees – considering the health of crown, roots and trunk. It may recommend tree surgery work, establishment of tree protection zones, methods of construction, landscaping and tree planting (after the core construction work completes), trenching methods and a back-up/contingency plan.

Tree Constraints Report – If you’re looking to launch a development on a site but aren’t sure where, due to the fact that protected trees can be found on it, then a Tree Constraints Report is an ideal way of envisioning how both can exist in harmony. These arboricultural reports have helped many Bromley clients by specifically showing how much birth should be given round a tree’s crown, by providing a CAD-mapping of Root Protection Areas.

Tree Protection Plan – Following on from the Arboricultural Method Statement, a Tree Protection Plan is a scale drawing detailing the final proposals of a development’s layout, incorporating the recommendations of the aforementioned tree survey / tree inspection; it provides peace of mind through visualisation, and ensures the planning authority receiving your final bid knows you’ve spoken with arboricultural consultants and acted on their advice.

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