Understand Your Land With a Professionally Delivered Tree Survey in Epsom| W.J. Kent Tree Consultants

One of our principal areas of coverage, Epsom is home to some wonderful wooded land, owned or operated by individuals, companies and the local authority. We help make the management of everything from a single tree, to a huge expanse of woodland straight forward through the provision of tree surveys, tree inspections and tailored arboricultural reports; if you ever wish to develop your land and require the green light from Epsom’s local planning body, the latter can be especially useful – specifically an Arboricultural Impact Assessment.

The Importance of Proper Management A big initial question is: why might you require the assistance of an arborist? Many clients in Epsom know an elm from an oak, and believe they can handle if not upkeep, then at least the monitoring of their tree populations. But the truth is that many tree species manifest signs of disease or structural weakness in subtle ways undetectable to the naked eye.

Furthermore, due to the duty of care that landowners in Epsom and the wider UK have in regards to the upkeep of their tree populations, it pays to have recognised competent persons in to compile detailed arboricultural reports, or a tree safety inspection from time to time. You’re left with verified records that, should anything occur following, for example, a period of inclement weather, and a person accessing your land is injured or adjacent property is damaged, you have proof that this is not due to your own negligence.

And it’s not just meeting legal obligations that should inspire proactive investment in services such as a tree survey, tree inspection or arboricultural reports from our veteran consultants. Trees offer a beautiful aesthetic, house entire ecosystems, bring wildlife, life and colour to spaces, and improve the air quality while they’re at it. All this provides not just an improved quality of life for all those who enjoy the space, but add real world property value in many cases.

Then we come to the fact that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, and subsequent Method Statement, will be required in most developments upon or nearby wooded land in Epsom and its surrounds. These identify the impact of such proposals, and recommend ways of proceeding that mean developments and surrounding trees exist in harmony, by laying out root protection orders and analysing how a tree’s crown might be affected, for example.

All our findings and recommendations will correspond with BS 5837:2012, and look to minimise the amount of compromise a client has to make with regards to their initial ideas and designs.

So let our consultants help you protect and effectively manage trees on your Epsom property. To obtain a quote for a tree survey or tree inspection, call 020 8668 8362.