Unique Insight & Advice With a Tailored Tree Survey in Croydon | W.J. Kent Tree Consultants

Located close by Croydon in Coulsdon, our aboricultural specialists are always visiting the area to conduct tree surveys and tree inspections, and pen arboricultural reports; these vary from detailed inventories and accompanying management recommendations, to something like an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, which consider how trees on a given stretch of land may be impacted by a development. The latter are popular in Croydon, being an essential pre-requisite to obtaining planning permission for construction work of all types.

But why should you, the prospective client, choose W.J. Kent Tree Consultants over other companies offering a similar service in the Croydon area? Below, we’ve looked to answer just this question. Should you ultimately decide that your need for a tree survey, tree safety inspection or any of our arboricultural reports would be best fulfilled by our team, simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

A Depth of Experience W.J. Kent Tree Consultants is an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor; but the extent of our expertise doesn’t stop here. Our team’s experience includes full working knowledge of LOLER – the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. We have also completed City & Guilds NPTC training schemes in Forestry and Arboriculture, including units 206 and 306. These govern safe working practice around scaling trees, using tools at height, and what to do in case of emergency. They are thus essential knowledge considering that the tree safety inspections, tree surveys and arboricultural reports we carry out around Croydon all involve actually getting up into the crown of trees to inspect their health and structural stability.

We’ve also completed qualifications in setting up and inspecting tree climbing/rigging equipment, to ensure that the aforementioned services – anything from an Arboricultural Impact Assessment for a Croydon company, to a single tree safety inspection for a homeowner – is carried out with rigorous health and safety standards in mind. Our expertise also allows us to quickly fell trees that are found to be posing an immediate risk to nearby persons and property.

Fulfil Your Obligation & Learn in the Process Clients purchasing or inheriting land in Croydon, or who simply haven’t yet had consultants visit, should consider the value of a tree survey and tree inspections. They allow us to gather in-depth information on all the trees making up a wooded area on your land. We’ll be able to record the precise measurements, species, age, health (signs of disease or damage) and estimated lifespan of each individual tree.

These factors are useful in formulating arboricultural reports like a tree management plan, ensuring you can act where risks are detected and your legal obligation as a landowner comes into play. Similar information is also gathered during an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, informing the subsequent recommendations we make to Croydon clients. Recommendations are also made in clear and jargon-free terms, and are from an independent and unbiased perspective. We want to work with each individual client, ensuring that they can care for their land and develop it in a responsible manner.

Looking to book a tree survey or tree inspection in the Croydon area? Call the trained aborists at W.J. Kent Tree Consultants on 020 8668 8362.