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Being Surrey’s residential arboricultural specialists, we receive a constant stream of queries. They broach everything from the differences between types of arboricultural reports (such as an Arboricultural Impact Assessment or Method Statement), and the nuances of a tree inspection or tree survey.

To provide a resource for both existing and future Surrey clients, we’ve looked to answer some of the questions we most frequently receive from clients right here on this page. Obviously, it’s by no means complete, and you may have a totally different query that you need answers to. If that’s the case, or you wish to get a quote for a tree survey, tree inspection, or any of the arboricultural reports detailed across this website – pick up the phone and call our team on 020 8668 8362.

Surrey Clients’ Questions Answered I’m planning development on my land. What kind of arboricultural reports may be requested by local planning authorities?

Planning authorities in Surrey may request an Arboricultural Impact Assessment be carried out to identify how a proposed development might impact wooded land (either your own, or that situated nearby). These initial reports do all the groundwork you’d expect from a tree survey or tree inspection, taking inventory of trees and describing their condition, dimensions, etc. but go further by considering root protection areas, vulnerability of particular species and the like.

In the case that the Arboricultural Impact Assessment finds issues that need to be addressed before planning approval is obtained, then Surrey planning authorities typically recommend an Arboricultural Method Statement, which will provide recommendations on how the development can be conducted while safeguarding trees that have been selected for retention. It’s possible that a tree constraints report may also be required, which sets out segments of land that can be developed without interfering with protected trees’ root protection areas and crowns.

I’ve concerns about a tree on my site. Can you help?

W.J. Kent Tree Consultants can quickly attend to your site, wherever you’re situated in Surrey, to carry out a tree safety inspection. We’ll confirm any structural instability and identify its cause. This might be due to age, accidental damage, tree disease or similar factor. Following the tree inspection, we’ll be able to recommend the best course of action. The tree may be salvageable through careful management, but if recovery is beyond the realm of the possible, we can suggest the best way to remove the tree to prevent serious injury to persons or damage to property.

Why invest in a tree survey?

Whether you’ve just acquired land in Surrey, or it’s simply been a while since you’ve had in professional arborists to inspect your population, a tree survey can be a fantastic thing; it both helps you fulfil your duty of care – ensuring sickly and structurally unsound trees don’t cause damage to peoples and property – and preserve these beautiful living things that breathe life into environments, both figuratively and literally.

A tree survey, just as with our tree inspections and arboricultural reports – e.g an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, provides detailed written information of trees species, condition, dimensions, and all other relevant factors. You’ll be informed of any potential risk factors, and thus be able to develop a detailed management strategy; any issues identified can also be nipped in the bud via early intervention.

Have a different question regarding the tree surveys and tree inspections we carry out in and around Surrey? Pick up the phone and call W.J. Kent Tree Consultants on 020 8668 8362.