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W.J. Kent Tree Consultants provide a broad range of services to meet the arboricultural needs of clients throughout Surrey and the southeast, with a focus on Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton, Surrey and all surrounding locales. On this page, we’ve looked to detail them – but if you have any questions or are looking to book in anything from an Arboricultural Impact Assessment to a tree safety inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0208 6688 362 or 0776 4420 559.

Tree Risk ManagementAny landowner with trees on their property has a duty of care to ensure they undergo proper inspection by competent persons, i.e qualified tree consultants; this is detailed in the Occupiers Liability Act 1957/84.

Our team works with clients including estate management firms, commercial property owners, schools, councils, charities and residential property owners in and around Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton and Surrey to ensure that this obligation is fulfilled. An initial tree survey followed by regular tree inspections can ensure that the burden of responsibility is taken off your shoulders; using our 25 years of arboricultural knowledge, we will identify potential risk factors such as lack of structural integrity or emerging signs of tree disease.

Every inspection is bespoke, as sites vary in regards to their size, tree populations (species, number, etc), and unique operational challenges. However, most tree inspections and arboricultural reports, including tree safety inspections and arboricultural impact assessments, feature one or more of the following steps:

Planning & Development The professional arboricultural advice and assistance we provide clients in and around the aforementioned areas of Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton and Surrey also assists in securing planning permission for development on both domestic and commercial land. After all, the presence of trees, as well as other flora and fauna, are major factors that planning bodies consider before they give the green light.

If you’re looking to obtain that crucial go-ahead, W.J. Kent Tree Consultants can help; we know what councils are looking for, and can provide detailed arboricultural reports, tree inspections or tree survey to ensure your proposed development falls within the boundaries set by BS5837:2012 – the planning regulations governing trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.

The planning services and arboricultural report formats typically include the following steps:

Site Visit – Our first site visit will be informal and involve a discussion of development plans and potential tree constraints. We’ll be able to provide advice on inhibiting factors and how obstacles may be overcome. Many clients around Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton, and Surrey come for advice before purchasing a site with the view of development, to better inform their decision.

Tree Survey & Constraints Report – An initial tree survey will allow us to acquire all the relevant data relating to tree populations on the given land. This stage is required by BS5837:2012 and will place particular emphasis on retention values and constraints. It can also be of essential use during the design phase, and is more for the attention of the architect and not planning authorities. As with all our arboricultural reports, data will be displayed clearly in a jargon-free manner utilising CAD drawn plans where appropriate.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment
– Essential for any planning submissions, these tailored arboricultural reports follow on from the design proposal, and explain how trees on or close by land marked for development will be impacted by works. They also consider on-going impact of retained trees on the finished site.

Tree Protection Plan – Considering the findings of the tree survey, constraints report and Arboricultural Impact Assessment, a tree protection plan provides detailed CAD drawings of proposed tree protection measures, and other actions such as pruning or planting.

Arboricultural Method Statement  - These are typically prepared in response to planning conditions, or to accompany a planning submission package, demonstrating that an informed and compliant approach to relevant regulations has been taken by a developer. It will provide further detail on tree protection measures and explain how the development will proceed operationally.

On-going Inspection & Supervision – Often times, the Arboricultural Method Statement will dictate on-going involvement with our consultants, e.g via regularly scheduled site visits to ensure the agreed tree protection measures are being properly incorporated. All supervision is recorded and sent to the planning authority in adherence with planning conditions.

Arboricultural Reports for Mortgages & Insurance Mortgage lenders often require arboricultural reports be carried out before the terms of a loan are agreed, due to concerns around tree risk factor and potential property damage. Our team provide these reports for clients in Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton, Surrey and all other areas in the southeast, attributing natural subsidence risk assessment ratings to individual trees, outcrops and larger areas of woodland.

ValuationLegal conflicts, insurance claims and similar issues often call for tree valuation. Taking into account everything from the aesthetic of trees, the ecosystem they support, contribution to property value, and the sense of well-being they provide humans, we will provide a professional valuation, in accordance with the CLTA’s (Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers) methodology, which is standardised and internationally recognised.

TPO & Conservation Area Applications Many trees and wooded areas in our principal service areas of Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Sutton, Surrey are subject to TPOs, or Tree Protection Orders. These are deemed to provide the local area with some sort of value, whether due to being home to wildlife, or the fact they beautify a particular space.

However, sometimes these trees may cause issues to local residents. Due to our knowledge of TPOs and conservation areas (also known as APP1 and 211 notices), we can provide expert advice to clients who wish to carry out work on or around trees subject to protection orders. We can explain the types of work that may be allowed, and advise you on how to tailor a proposal to the local council in question, and increase the likelihood you’ll get the go-ahead.

Whether you require an individual tree safety inspection, a tree survey conducted on a large area of woodland, or specific arboricultural reports like an Arboricultural Impact Assessment – choose the veteran team at W.J. Kent Tree Consultants for peace of mind.

Have a question regarding the services listed on this page? Contact Surrey’s W.J. Tree Consultants, whether it regards a run of the mill tree inspection, or full-fledged arboricultural reports.