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Modern tree surgery is much more than simply cutting down a tree that’s grown to be in some way problematic. There are many different techniques in our arsenal which with precision like care, address the needs of a particular tree. In our blog series, we’re looking to provide regular deep dives into said techniques, so our clients in Banstead and the wider Surrey area can get a better understanding of what it is our tree surgeons do. Today: crown lifting.

Deep Dive: Crown Lifting Why Crown Lifting? – Crown lifting is a useful technique when low branches become an issue. It might be that they are hanging down over a road, causing risks to traffic. Hanging over a path, and they become a safety issue for pedestrians. Other issues that tree surgeons might identify with low hanging branches include interference with utilities like electrical wires. Then there are situations where Banstead clients want to be able to sit under a shady tree, and simply don’t have the room anymore!

How We Go About It – A thorough assessment of the tree’s health and condition will let our tree surgeons know what proportion of lower branches can be removed without causing problems (see next paragraph for more on this). Large branches growing from the trunk should be avoided, as removing them can cause serious wounds. The age of the tree we’re lifting for a Banstead client will also play a part in dictating what can be safely removed, as older trees are somewhat more sensitive. Typically, less than 15% of the live crown’s total height will be removed, and the removal will be handled bit-by-bit to a brief previously outlined by our tree surgeons; simply “guessing” isn’t how to approach this project.

Risks Involved – If gone about too aggressively, crown lifting can lead to trunk decay. Another issue is if too many branches are removed and the trunk is exposed to the sun.  Yes, you read us right – it’s not just Banstead residents who are prone to getting burnt when the summer rolls round: trees can too! Another problem is abnormal growth, should crown lifting be conducted too quickly and, again, aggressively. Our tree surgeons will ensure that none of these risk factors become an issue by carrying out thorough assessments prior to the procedure, and operating with clinical care.

Other Benefits – One big benefit that crown lifting can offer is an increase of light access to plants and vegetation beneath and around the tree, as well as the tree itself.  So Banstead residents experiencing developmental issues with particular trees on their property may find our tree surgeons recommending a crown lifting procedure.

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