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For the subject of our inaugural blog, we thought we’d keep it simple. There are many residents of Croydon – one of our key service areas – that have never had to call in tree surgeons for arboricultural work, and are worried about securing the right team for the job. So we thought we’d jot down a few questions and considerations to keep in mind.

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Questions to Consider When Hiring Tree SurgeonsCertification – Not all tree surgeons operating in the Croydon area have undertaken the same level of training, so it’s important to ask whether or not those you’re sounding out are certified. After all, it’s a complex line of work that requires intimate knowledge of working practices, tree species, disease, pests and a myriad of other subjects. At WJ Kent Tree Consultants, we ensure all tree surgeons tackling a project hold relevant NPTC certification and are well-trained in their field.

Association – There are a number of arboricultural bodies that tree surgeons respect and look to become full-fledged members of. These include The Arboricultural Association, Royal Forestry Society and International Association of Arboriculture. While some Croydon based tree surgeons might be members of one or perhaps two, WJ Kent Tree Consultants completes the collection as members of all three. By asking what associations your tree surgeons are members of, you can get a good idea of the quality of work and customer service you’ll receive.

Permission – In many cases, tree surgeons will need to get special permission or a particular permit to work on trees or buildings that receive regulatory protection. A common case is when a tree in a conservation area needs to be worked on, or even removed. To keep things above board and ensure you aren’t subject to the serious fines that can be doled out for breaching rules around preservation and conservation, you should always ask your tree surgeons whether or not work can be legally taken on without first approaching the relevant authority. Our team is always happy to provide advice and assistance to Croydon clients to get the go-ahead if it’s needed.

Quote – As with any service, it’s important to find out if you’re getting a good deal. Asking tree surgeons for a quote so you can shop around and find one that’s competitive – without sacrificing the quality of work and service you receive – is something we’d always recommend Croydon residents. Bring a quote to WJ Kent Tree Consultants and we’ll do our best to match it, or improve on it, to ensure you get quality work at a price that won’t break the bank. Just as you’d be suspicious of expensive sounding quotes, be suspicious of overly cheap ones; it could mean you’re speaking to under qualified or poorly reviewed tree surgeons.

We hope by answering these essential questions ourselves, our tree surgeons have demonstrated why we are such a popular choice around Croydon. Any other queries? Call 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.