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One subject that can confuse due to the amount of disinformation floating about is Tree Preservation Orders. In this latest blog from the team at WJ Kent Tree Consultants – tree surgeons for Sutton and all surrounding Surrey locales – we’ve looked to provide a short and sweet explanation of how TPO’s work, for clients and curious parties who may have stumbled across this blog while looking for authoritative information online.

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Understanding Tree Preservation Orders A Tree Preservation Order (or TPO for short) is typically issued by a council, more specifically an arboricultural officer. While many believe they only cover specific species, typically endangered ones, this isn’t the case; neither is any tree automatically covered by a TPO. They must be drawn up and put into action by, in your case, Sutton Council. Another myth that our tree surgeons have heard out in the wild is that TPOs only target native species. In fact, any tree can be subject to a TPO.

A TPO doesn’t mean work can’t be undertaken on a particular protected specimen. It just means, much like planning permission is required before Coulsdon residents make certain changes or additions to their property, you’ll need the official go-ahead before tree surgeons can get to work. If you’ve purchased your property, any presently in place TPOs should be disclosed as part of the land registry search. It’s important to find out if there are any present, as it is your responsibility not to violate one. Both the property owner and tree surgeons working on protected species without permission can be subject to hefty fines – as much as £20,000.

Reputable tree surgeons – such as ours working in Sutton, Surrey and Greater London – will be more than happy to help you a) find out if a TPO is in place and, b) secure permission for any required work. An application will set out the reason for the tree in question requiring work, for example to ensure it remains healthy for time to come, to prevent the spread of deadly and highly transmittable tree disease, or to protect peoples and property nearby.